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At Exquisite Deluxe Cakes we sculpt, carve and create bespoke cakes for special occasions. Each cake is unique to every customer. Cakes are made on order only, using the freshest and best quality ingredients available.

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Main Services We Provide

Baking Cakes

Baking Scones



Flavours, Icing and Filling

We are constantly learning, exploring and improving our craft and the taste

Types of Cakes

Vanilla cakes

Lemon vanilla cakes

Orange vanilla cakes

Chocolate cakes

Orange Chocolate cakes

Red Velvet cakes

Carrot cakes

Carrot with luxurious fruit cakes

Barone cakes

Fruit cakes


Buttercream icing

Lemon vanilla buttercream icing

Orange vanilla buttercream icing

Chocolate fudge buttercream icing


Caramel filling

Hazelnut filling

Strawberry sauce filling

Peppermint filling

Black-forest filling

Oreo & cream filling

Cream cheese buttercream filling

Carrot Cake with cream cheese buttercream filling

And many more...

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Exquisite Deluxe Cakes
Exquisite Deluxe Cakes
Exquisite Deluxe Cakes